Advertising Is Dead


The business world we all operate in has been turned on its head and every established system and player has been challenged to adapt to what is an ever-evolving state of constant disruption. Welcome to Advertising Is Dead where every week Varun speaks to people from across the landscape of media, business, entertainment and advertising to dig a little deeper into how we got here, what’s working today and where tomorrow is headed.

Episodes out every Tuesday.


Ep. 89: Building a Global Marketing Force Through Creativity & Culture

The journeys of global agencies are filled with an immense number of learnings that we all can dig into – both from the choices they’ve made as an organisation, as well as the work that has propelled them to succeed and grow.
On this episode, Varun is joined by Jon Cook, Global CEO of VMLY&R, to run through their journey as an agency and get a perspective on being a global leader focused on building a modern agency network, while keeping its essence and culture in place. Tune in for this and much more.

Ep. 85: Staying Ahead of the Content Curve Feat. Tanmay Bhat

There are some creators who have a genuine knack for seeing what is going to work. Not just what works now, but what is scalable going ahead.
On this episode, Varun is joined by comedian and YouTuber Tanmay Bhat, to tap into his instinct for what works in content and understand the road ahead a little better. All this and more on this episode of Advertising Is Dead.

Ep 83: Building Brands Around a Unifying Aesthetic

Many modern brands have been built by creators not just by keeping a keen eye on the consumer, but also from having the ability to take the essence of their brand and personal sensibility, and building horizontality around it. They’ve been able to extend the essence of their sensibilities and value systems, extending it across the products they build, and also using that same balance in their collaboration with other brands, both new age and traditional, to build true scale.
On this episode, Varun is joined by fashion designer and entrepreneur Masaba Gupta, to talk about how she’s grown her brand, as well as how she’s made so many varied products in an almost unifying aesthetic.

Ep. 74: Building the Next Stage of Content on TikTok

When one says ‘TikTok’, what comes to mind is all the fun, dance, comedy, and other user generated content that we’re all so addicted to consuming. But, where is this platform headed? And what makes it so addictive?
On this episode, Varun is joined by Jacob Pace, CEO, Flighthouse, a company which has essentially been building the next stage of content creation on TikTok. Looking at their model and how Jacob has built his company may give a peak as to where the future growth of TikTok is headed. All that and more on this episode.

Ep. 67: Power of the Camera

As an advertiser, Varun ends up meeting people who have interesting stories, job roles, and journeys. One such person, with a very interesting perspective, is Tarika Soni, the Head of Commercial Strategy & Ad Monetisation, Snap Inc.
We often don’t realize how vital a part of our lives the camera has become. On this episode, Varun talks to Tarika about the power of the camera, the things that Snap is doing in the space, and her perspective on the entire ecosystem and how the whole space has evolved.

Ep. 54: Hand-Curating Cinema

We live in a time where there are so many platforms to consume content, but so many times we end up scrolling through and taking more time to decide what we want to watch instead of actually watching something.
On this episode of Advertising Is Dead, host Varun Duggirala is joined by the Founder and CEO of MUBI, Efe Çakarel, as they talk about the initiation and development of MUBI as a content platform. This episode gives an overview of how MUBI hand-curates cinema to give the audience something interesting to watch at all times.

Ep. 53: From Creator to Entrepreneur and Beyond

When you talk about the creator economy, it started with a bunch of people creating content and sharing it with the world. All the barriers that were there to create content 10 years ago don’t exist anymore.
On this episode of Advertising Is Dead, host Varun Duggirala is joined by Ranveer Allahbadia, better known as Beer Biceps, YouTuber, and Co-Founder of Monk Entertainment. They talk about his growth in the content economy and his future endeavours.