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Is Dead

With varun duggirala


The business world we all operate in has been turned on its head and every established system and player has been challenged to adapt to what is an ever-evolving state of constant disruption. Welcome to Advertising Is Dead where every week Varun speaks to people from across the landscape of media, business, entertainment and advertising to dig a little deeper into how we got here, what’s working today and where tomorrow is headed.

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    One of the leading voices in modern advertising, Varun Duggirala co-founded ‘The Glitch’ in 2009 and has since helped it grow into one of India’s premier New Age creative agencies. (It was acquired by WPP in 2017.) On his popular podcast Advertising Is Dead, Varun talks about the developments and disruptions in the business of advertising, media, content and entertainment. He strongly believes that content is going to drive the brandscape and help reframe the narrative around advertising and marketing. He spends way too much time staring at screens and talking into mics, but is also someone who’s always open to having a conversation about, quite literally, anything!